This list contains upcoming and past events organised by the project, as well as events attended by more than one Music in London project member.

All events are held at KCL unless otherwise stated. Events in orange are conferences hosted or co-hosted by the project.

Term VIII, January – July 2017

27-28 January
Conference – Liberalism and Victorian Music Culture
Organisers: Sarah Collins and Bennett Zon

20-21 January
Workshop – Blackface Minstrelsy
Organiser: Jonathan Hicks

Term VII, August – December 2016

9 – 10 December
Workshop – The Opium Workshop
Organisers: Josephine McDonagh and Briony Wickes

3-6 November
Music in London Special Meetings (Vancouver AMS Conference)
Organiser: Roger Parker
Roger Parker, Wiebke Thormahlen, Gavin Williams, Katherine Hambridge, Susan Rutherford, Erin Johnson-Williams, Diane Tisdall, Fabio Morabito, Davinia Caddy, Jonathan Hicks, Flora Willson, Kathy Fry

20 October
Guest Reading Group – Local and Urban Histories
Brianna Robertson, Amélie Addison

19 October
Shows of London Meeting on Mono/poly
Organisers: Josephine McDonagh and Flora Willson

9-10 September
Conference – London Voices (1820 – 1840)
Organisers: Susan Rutherford and Roger Parker

31 August-2 September
Conference -British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS), Cardiff
Roger Parker, Jonathan Hicks, Tessa Kilgarriff, Clare Pettitt

Term VI, January – July 2016

29–31 July
Conference – Theatre in the Regency Era, Cambridge
Oskar Cox Jensen, David Kennerley

29 July
Workshop – The Opium Connection
Organisers: Josephine McDonagh and Briony Wickes

11–13 July
Conference – 19th Biennial International Conference on 19th-Century Music, Oxford
Oskar Cox Jensen, Jonathan Hicks, James Grande

8-9 July
Conference – Germanic Enthusiasms, Anglo-Saxon Attitudes: Conflict Transfer and Assimilation in London’s Musical Life, c.1800-1850
Organiser: Monika Hennemann

24-25 June
Conference – The Musical Pasts Consortium I: Music and the Urban
Organisers: Emma Dillon, Ziad Elmarsafy, Roger Parker and Martin Stokes

2 June
Workshop – Music and Dance in Early Nineteenth-Century London
Davinia Caddy, Erica Buurman, Joseph Fort

27 May
Conference – Music, Medicine & Emotions, QMUL
Oskar Cox Jensen, James Grande

13 May
Workshop – Twice Round the Clock
Organiser: Tessa Kilgarriff

14-16 April
Conference – The London Stage and the Nineteenth-Century World (Oxford)
Oskar Cox Jensen, Jonathan Hicks, Tessa Kilgarriff

12 April
Workshop – Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (Oxford)
Organiser: Sally Shuttleworth

19 January
Guest reading group – Mapping London
Matthew Sangster

18 January
Guest reading group – Music in Brussels and London: A Comparative View
Tatiana Debroux, Valérie Dufour, Christopher Murray

15-16 January
Conference – Operatic Reflections and Reverberations, Britain 1800 – 1850
Organisers: Roberta Montemorra Marvin and Roger Parker

Term V, August – December 2015

18 December
Guest Reading Group – Seriality
Clare Pettitt

12–15 November
Conference – American Musicological Society (Louisville)
Sarah Hibberd, Jonathan Hicks

17-18 September
Practice as Research Event – Dickens’ Is She His Wife? (London)
Oskar Cox Jensen, Nicola Kirkby, Jo Robinson, Emma Whipday

Term IV, January – July 2015

16-19 July
Conference – Romantic Imprints (Cardiff)
Oskar Cox Jensen, James Grande

7 July
Conference – The 100 Days (Warwick)
Oskar Cox Jensen, Katherine Hambridge

25-26 June
Conference – Hebrew Melodies: Music and the Bible in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Organisers: James Grande, Brian Murray

19-20 June
Conference – Music and Realism (Birmingham)
Organisers: Ben Earle, Arman Schwartz
Sarah Hibberd, Jonathan Hicks, Heather Wiebe, Gavin WIlliams, Flora Willson

4 June
Workshop – 19th-century Song
Organisers: Oskar Cox Jensen, Ian Newman

1-2 May
Conference – Cosmopolitanism
Sarah Collins, Dana Gooley, Wiebke Thormählen, Derek Scott, Daniel Grimley

27-28 March
Conference – Sonic Spaces March 2015 (Yale Center for British Art)
Organisers: Erin Johnson-Hill, Tim Barringer

19 March
Guest reading group – London voices
Katrin Losleben

5 March
Guest reading group – Approaches to ballads
David Atkinson, Vic Gammon

27 February
Guest reading group – Walking in the eighteenth-century city
Clare Brant, Catharina Loeffler

14-16 January
Conference – Hearing Landscape Critically: Music, Place, and the Spaces of Sound (Harvard)
Organisers: Daniel Grimley, Jonathan Hicks, Michael Uy, Carina Venter
James Grande, Jonathan Hicks

MMus course – Music in Nineteenth-Century London

Term III, August – December 2014

5-6 December
Conference – Grand Opéra Diasporas
Organisers: Sarah Hibberd, Laura Protano-Biggs

28-29 November
Conference – Charles Dibdin and his World
Organisers: Oskar Cox Jensen, David Kennerley, Ian Newman

20 November
Reading group in collaboration with Shows of London – Street Music and Modernism
Anna Snaith

13 November
Guest reading group – Music and the Public Sphere
Rachel Johnson

17-18 October
Conference – Theatres of the Crimean War: Sound, Affect, and Media in the Production of Wartime
Organisers: Andrea Bohlman, Delia Casadei, Peter McMurray, Gavin Williams

18-19 September
Conference – Operatic Geographies (Oxford)
Organiser: Suzanne Aspden

4-6 September
Conference – Royal Musical Association (Leeds)
‘London 1800-1851: Intrusion and Importation’ panel (Oskar Cox Jensen, James Grande, Jonathan Hicks, Roger Parker)

Term II, January – July 2014

27-29 June
Conference – Music and Science in London 1800-1851
Organiser: Sarah Hibberd

23 June
Conference – Inventing Urban Modernity
Organisers: Oskar Cox Jensen, Mary Horgan, Jo Robinson, Simon Vickery

18-21 June
Conference – Nineteenth-Century Music (Toronto)
Oskar Cox Jensen, James Grande, Katherine Hambridge, Jonathan Hicks

12 June
Guest reading group – Salon Culture and Jenny Lind, 1846-7
Matildie Thom Wium

4 June
Guest reading group – Mozart and Rossini in London’s Theatres
Christina Fuhrmann

16 May
Guest reading group – The Gothic Revival in Art and Music
Tim Barringer

24 April
Guest reading group – The Romantic Guitar
Christopher Page, James Westbrook

27-29 March
Conference – The Melodramatic Moment, 1790-1820
Organisers: Katherine Hambridge, Jonathan Hicks

25 March
Study day – The Crimea (UNC, Chapel Hill)
Organisers: Andrea Bohlman, Delia Casadei, Peter McMurray, Gavin Williams

27 February
Guest reading group – Theatre History and Visual Culture
Jim Davis, John Stokes

20 February
Guest reading group – Performance as Research
Jacky Bratton, Gilli Bush-Bailey

13 February
Guest reading group – Melodrama (Cambridge)
James Chandler, Miranda Stanyon

16 January
Guest reading group – Melodrama 
Jacky Bratton

MMus course – Music in Nineteenth-Century London

Term I, August – December 2013

17 December
Guest reading group – Melodrama 
Katherine Astbury, Devon Cox, Clare Siviter

4 December
Guest reading group – Melodrama (Warwick)
Katherine Astbury, Devon Cox, Clare Siviter

6-10 December
Pre-conference meeting – The Crimea (American Musicological Society, Pittsburgh)
Andrea Bohlman, Delia Casadei

4-6 November
Conference – Plays, Places, and Participants: Light Opera, Dance, and Theatre around 1800 (Trondheim)
‘Music in London’ session (Oskar Cox Jensen, Katherine Hambridge, Jonathan Hicks)

21 October
Discussion of James Chandler’s An Archaeology of Sympathy
Rowan Boyson, James Chandler, Jo McDonagh, Clare Pettitt, John Stokes, James Whitehead

18-19 October
Conference – Sound Knowledge: Music and Science in London
Organisers: James Davies, Ellen Lockhart

9-13 September
Conference – Hearing Landscape Critically: Music, Place, and the Spaces of Sound (Stellenbosch)
Organisers: Daniel Grimley, Jonathan Hicks, Stephanus Muller, Michael Uy, Carina Venter
‘Music in London’ panel (Roger Parker, Gavin Williams, Flora Willson)

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